The Scout section is for boys and girls between the ages of 10 ½ years and 14 years,. The older Scouts can choose to move onto Explorers at 14 years.


The Scouts meet once a week at the HQ site on a Wednesday evening from 7:30 to 9:00 pm. The Scouts are involved in a combination of games, badge work and training at their weekly meetings. Additional activities include a two week summer camp, a weekend winter camp, weekend camps organised by the more senior Scouts, as well as weekend training sessions.


There are six Patrols in the Troop: Amundsen, Drake, Scott, Hilary, Peake and Columbus.


The Scout Troop is run by Dave with assistance from Mick, Dick, Dom, James and Jamie.


Parent Contact Details


Current Scout parents may contact the Scout leader:


If you are interested in joining the Scouts, please see our Joining Us page.  Please do not contact the leader above, as he does not deal with membership enquiries. Thank you.




Login to Online Scout Manager at OSM for details of the weekly programme.





In Case of Emergency (ICE) Form

Your child's safety remains of high importance so it is vital that we have the correct contact details for parents and any relevant medical or dietary information. Previously, we have asked parents to fill out an ICE form annually for these details. This information is now entered on our online system, which allows parents to view and update details at any time. We ask parents to confirm these details are correct on an annual basis.


Please Note: Young members may not be allowed to attend scouting activities if details have not been confirmed.


It is essential that we have up to date health and contact information for each Scout. If you have any concerns please let the Scout Leaders know.


SpringTerm Dates


First Meeting: Wednesday 18th January 2023
Half Term: Wednesday 15th February (No Meeting)
Last Meeting: Wednesday 29th March 2023



Summer Term Dates


First Meeting: 19th April 2023
Half Term: 31st May 2023 (No Meeting)
Last Meeting: 19th July 2023


In order for scouts to progress through the challenges and awards programme in scouting they need to attend regularly, or as much as possible. We understand that many young people of scout age have other extra-curricular commitments and obviously education comes first.
If you are unable to attend an evening, we would appreciate you letting us know as soon as possible by email, text message or phone. If you decide for any reason you no longer wish to continue with scouting, please let us know as there are young people wishing to join the troop that we currently are unable to offer a space to. (Please see our Group's Attendance Expectations policy.)




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