Summer Camp Log - 2011


Scout Summer Camp in 2011 was held at Lyons Copse Scout Campsite:


Wednesday 13th July - 7.45pm

Parents were invited to our Summer Camp Parent’s evening which gave them an opportunity to meet the Leaders, ask any questions and have a brief look at the exciting activities we have planned.
We also gave out some important forms and all the final arrangements for camp during the meeting.


Friday 22nd July

The lorry is all loaded at the Scout HQ on Friday night. Ready to go!


Saturday 23rd July

9.00 am - Two mini-buses (full of Scouts) and one lorry (full of kit) leave HQ for Summer Camp.



Dick (our Chairman) says "Arrived just before lunch to unload the lorry and then after a quick lunch the Scouts and leaders worked very hard to pitch their patrol sites and HQ.
Good progress was made and after a dinner of roast pork, potatoes and gravy there was time for a game of 3 goal football (with 2 footballs!) and then a walk at dusk to explore the site.
The weather stayed fine all day and the site is really nice and not too busy."



Sunday 24th July

Dave says "All is well and the Scouts have worked very hard pitching their patrol sites which now look very good. Today we have been doing archery and rifle shooting, which were enjoyed by all."

Dick says "Chicken stew tonight! Everything is going really well and the Scouts are eager to start patrol cooking tomorrow."



Monday 25th July

James says "The hike on Monday was really fun! We had to follow the map and on the way take photos of our mascot in different places. There were loads of great photos which were funny. The leaders went round with water bombs and water guns. They squirted us before we had a chance to get away. It was the best hike I have ever been on."

Elizabeth says "We had a great time on the hike. We didn't get lost and the leaders had a few surprises for us on the route!"


Tuesday 26th July

Becca reports "A rainy start to the day at Fort Nelson, but then the sun came out and we enjoyed lunch on the beach at Portsmouth and watching the hovercrafts come in."




Wednesday 27th July

Joe says "I really enjoyed Tae Kwando because it was very good and really fun. We stood in lines with partners and did some punching and kicking. Tae Kwando is a sport from Korea. We were taught by Master Pat. I have been practising Tae Kwando around. I want to practice Tae Kwondo when I get home!"



Thursday 28th July

"This morning we had a conservation group come and visit us at the camp site. We had a great time building bird boxes.


We welcomed back the expedition group! They arrived back safely at Lyons Copse after their 30km hike, having stayed overnight at another campsite.

Later on all the Scouts had a very enjoyable (and wet) afternoon playing our very own Scout version of 'Total Wipe Out'!"



Thursday evening - Elizabeth and Katie agreed that climbing and abseiling on the climbing wall was great fun! Thank you Matt.

Campfire entertainment was very good by the patrols, especially Joe's songs and the rapping.



Friday 29th July

Our trip to Marwell Zoo went really well .... But what happened to the endangered animal quiz answers in Livingston patrol?! They were all very similar - suspicious!


The patrols cooked a delicious sausage casserole for dinner, which was followed by a whistle wide game in the woods.



Saturday 30th July

Service crew work in the morning, clearing rhododendrons and burning them. Dave, Pete and Matt all got burnt, but luckily they were the old scarecrow versions.

In the afternoon the patrols tackled the on-site assault course.

Saturday night - Dick and Camel organised a night hike across the New Forest. It was a clear dry night but with some mist in the Forest.

"It was really fun and exciting walking in the dark" said Daniel who finished walking about midnight on the shorter route.

"I'm pleased I did it but I'm really tired and sleepy!" said James, who carried on with the older Scouts on the longer route, finishing about 4am.

Thanks to Paul for staying up to drive the minibus home!



Sunday 31st July

A lay-in and a slow (but sunny) start to the day, due to the night hike yesterday.

The Scouts were busy making rafts and after lunch had fun racing them around the lake. James fell in, but with all the splashing everyone got wet anyway!



Monday 1st August

Striking camp today. All tents down, sleeping under bashers tonight. Swimming in Portsmouth this afternoon – at least the Scouts will come back clean!

We ate the last of the cakes with supper - thank you parents for supplying them.


Tuesday 2nd August

Loaded the lorry this morning and cleared the site.

We arrived back this afternoon in the sunshine. Well done Tasman for winning the patrol competition.

A big thank you to Dave and all the leaders for a fantastic camp.


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