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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

In response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic face to face Scouting has been suspended. However we hope to retunr to a mixture of face to face, virtual meetings and online activities soon - please see Online Scout Manager (OSM) or the Group Facebook page for further information.


There are currently no section meetings or activities being held at Group HQ.


Please do not bring your child to the Group HQ for any activity until further notice. 


Obviously, the lockdown restrictions has caused us to cancel or put on hold some of our outdoor activities (camps and so on). We will continue to monitor the government and Scout Association advice, review all our activities and keep you informed of decisions as soon as we can.


If anyone has any questions or concerns please email


Upcoming Events


Below are the details of upcoming Group events. Visit our Scouts Programme page for additional details on upcoming Scout troop events.


See our Useful Information page for links to up to date info from the District and County web-sites.


  • Site Working Party - On Hold - 3rd Sunday of the month, 10am-2pm
    Parents - please come along if you can spare an hour or two. Plenty of jobs to do. Children are welcome - under parental supervision.
  • Group AGM - Postponed, now on Friday, 16th October, 7.30pm, online Zoom meeting


Oak Processionary Moth


There is a growing problem across London and the South with Oak Processionary Moths (OPM) that live in oak trees. We have them in many of our trees at the Scout Hut, the caterpillars are active at the moment and their hairs may cause irritation and a rash. We have surveyed our oak trees on the site and marked (with a yellow marker) any tree where we saw a nest (approx. 10 nests). However, we think that we should assume that all our oak trees have the OPM nests present. 


The Scout Group have sought advice from Merton Council and the Forestry Commission about whether there is any action we can, or should take. The Forestry Commission are taking the view that the London area is too heavily infected to carry out any remedial action and they are now concentrating on stopping infestations in a ring around the core area, so there is no statutory help to get rid of the nests. 


We are exploring paying for the removal of the existing nests with a Tree Services company, but we know that this will be an ongoing problem between May and July each year, as moths will return and build nests annually. 


For the moment we have banned tree climbing in our grounds and our Leaders have been briefed about the problem and are letting the children know about the Moths. If you could reinforce the advice not to touch the caterpillars or play around trees where there is an obvious presence we would be grateful. 


If you want to find our more we will have a supply of leaflets soon at the Scout Hut or you can use this link to go  directly to the Forestry Commission website

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Next Group Exec

Thursday, 22nd October, 8.15pm

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