Scout Summer Camp - 2013


The 2013 Scout Summer Camp was at Belchamps Scout Activity Centre in Hawkwell, Essex.


Wednesday 17th July - 7.45pm

The Scouts parents were invited to our Summer Camp Parents' evening which provided them with an opportunity to meet the Leaders, ask any questions and have a brief look at the exciting activities we had planned. During this meeting we also gave out some important forms and all the final arrangements for camp.


Friday 26th July

The lorry is loaded with all the equipment and the scouts' kit. Thank you everyone!




Saturday 27th July

Day 1 - Our day began at the scout hut where we all gathered together before setting off in the minibuses to Essex.



Putting up the tents took up most of the day but at least the rain held off until dinner time!


Sunday 28th July

Day 2 - Breakfast in the sunshine - porridge, cereal and sausages. Then we all assemble for flag break.




Some quotes from the Scouts this morning:

  • "Rain, rain go away come again another day" - says Daniel H.
  • "Jamie clutched defeat from the jaws of victory and lost his bet to do the washing up."
  • "The site - its big" says Jack.
  • "Patrol sites are good" says Paul. "We just managed to get our tents up before it rained."
  • "Breakfast was great - lovely porridge, succulent sausages and juicy beans", says James.
  • Kate & Clare say their tent is "big, comfortable, and (too) warm. The site is nice and big."

The Scouts worked on their Patrol Sites this morning - putting up fences around them, making camp gadgets and collecting wood for their wood piles.


After lunch they split into 3 groups and each did a different activity on the campsite. Above you can see Scouts on the Jacob's Ladder and Zorbing. Paul said "Jacob's ladder was difficult but Tom hauled them up by arms, legs and other bits ...!"


Other quotes from this evening:

  • "Seems like we've been here for ages already." - Crawford
  • "Awesome day, fun stuff to do, see you soon Mum" - Will
  • "Fencing was fun, but you couldn't see through the masks" - Daniel B
  • Mick (SL) says "Camp going well, with a good team of leaders helping set up. A great day today."


Monday 29th July

Day 3 - Hot and sunny, the Scouts continued their on-site activities - Water Zorbs, fencing and Jacob's Ladder. They also tried a spot of pioneering with some huge logs. Some of the Scouts also did their knife and axe training and assessment, while others built their own fires.

Today's quotes:

  • "Water zorbing felt like a massive hamster ball" - Joshua
  • "I hung off a rope and did Gangnam Style" - Matt (at Jacob's Ladder)


Tuesday 30th July

Day 4 - Today the troop journeyed to Colchester Zoo in heavy rain. Once inside there were lots of animals to see including penguins, tigers and howling wolves. Oh, and a big adventure playground... The Scouts also had two presentations from the zookeepers, one about minibeasts and the other about endangered species. They even got to hold a few cockroaches and stick insects!


"The Zoo was so much fun and the wolves were so cute." - Daniel B


Wednesday 31st July

Day 5 - Nice day on site today. Orienteering was first - the Scouts had to find 30 bases using a map and compass. Their site activities were also finished today followed by playing an energetic game of 'Capture The Peg' (pictured).

  • "Probably the best bit was our first visit to the tuck shop though..." - Matt S
  • "Zorbing was fun" - Luke F



Thursday 1st August

Day 6 - With not a cloud in the sky, the troop set off on their day hike from the site to Hullbridge on the River Crouch, a walk of about 5.5km. A nice buffet was waiting for them at the finish along with a chance to just chill in the shade.

  • "Easy walk, saw lots of big houses." - James C.
  • "This was just a warm up for the Night Hike." - Daniel H.

Rehearsals for the Friday night's entertainment took place in the shade around the site. The troop cooked corn beef hash in the evening, a very popular dish!

Friday 2nd August

Day 7 - The rain threatened in the morning but thankfully never came.


The troop headed to Adventure Island where they spent most of the day being spun around, upside down and basically hurled in all directions. Plenty of candyfloss and other treats were available too!

  • "That was sick!" - Claire and Kate
  • "First loop the loop was aweswome!" - Crawford
  • "Ghost train ... the scariest thing on that ride was probably my face!" - William E
  • "Red was a really scary ride!" - Eddie

In the evening, the Scouts performed their entertainment sketches. Let's just say that the Royal Shakespeare Company isn't quaking in their boots. Dylan got the overall best actor award.


Saturday 3rd August

Day 8 - Big day today. After a rather loud overnight thunderstorm the Souts had some more on-site activities - Pedal Go-Karts and Gladiator Challenge. They saw some budding Lewis Hamiltons, a few minor crashes (Claire's was spectacular) and a lot of energy released by bashing each other with padded poles!


Silly Sports, after lunch, provided a great opportunity for the Scouts to cool down and get covered in shaving foam. They used matchsticks for javelins and dinner plates for the discus.

  • "Foamy fun!" - Dylan


After a nice dinner of fish cakes (cooked by the patrols) they then geared up for the Night Hike. Setting off from Chelmsford and heading generally east along the River Chelmer, the boys and girls had perfect conditions and a very starry night. Those who completed the full hike this year were James B, Daniel H, Jack, Jamie, Eddie, Tommy, George, William JP, Max and Simon. They were back on site for 04.30!




  • "Sleep walking for the night hike!" - George
  • "Only 5 more hours..." - William JP
  • "There's a hole in my shoe - but it didn't stop me!" - Tommy




Sunday 4th August

Day 9 - It's always a relaxing morning after a Night Hike - a late rise and a leisurely breakfast. The leaders did have one challenge organised for the Scouts even so - a scavenger hunt where they had to find natural objects from A through Z. (How many different words for mud can you think of!?) Livingstone Patrol had the winning score with 10/26.

  • "Money grows on trees!" - Suraj

In the afternoon everyone went on a magical mystery tour to find a beach where the tide was in. They weren't successful but the Scouts had fun exploring abandoned boats and sampling the local mud!


Monday 5th August

Day 10 - A busy morning striking the patrol sites. The field is starting to look a bit empty!

Tuesday 6th August

Day 11 - Lovely weather for our final morning at Summer Camp. We finish packing up the site and have a safe journey home with many hands making light work of unloading the van.


Mark does a final check of the scores and Cook patrol are unveiled as the winners of the Patrol Competition. Well done!


1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1,340 pts 1,335 pts 1,324 pts 1,1125 pts
Cook Livingston Tasman Ericson


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